Million Children are Bullied Every Year


Million of Those Bullied Will have Depression


Thousand of Those Bullied Will contemplate suicide

Our Programs

My Voice is a program designed to explore the core of bullying. We do activities that analyze the types of people in the bullying spectrum and how no one is truly exempt from being any of the three. We also define the types of bullying,  the effects it has on victims' self-confidence, but also how to overcome it to have a postive outlook on yourself and reclaim your voice from bullies. 



  • Are you a victim of bullying?

  • Do you have friends or classmates being bullied and are unsure what to do?

My Voice will give you the skills needed to use your voice for kindness. Learn more about what you can do to combat bullies while helping yourself and your peers.




Teachers, FACULTY and Staff

  • Can you identify the 10 key characteristics of a bully and a victim of bullying?

  • Are you looking for ways to foster a classroom environment free of bullying?

The My Voice program will provide you with tools and resources necessary to support students being bullied while also mitigating bullying behavior through positive reinforcement.



  • Do you wonder "is my child a bully"?

  • Are you trying to figure out what to do if your child is being bullied?

Learn how to talk with your child, other parents and school faculty about bullying through the My Voice program.


Our Story

It started with a girl named Cynthia. She had been bullied for years about her looks. She lost her self-confidence and began defining herself based on her bullies' comments. But, through guidance and support, she was able to overcome her tormentors.   Now, not only is she the voice of this program but of all of Midwest.  This is her story. This is her voice.