Our Mission Statement:

 To inspire the youth                                   of today to be the voice                           of change for tomorrow.


Our Action Plan

With the support of the Boys and Girls Clubs,  since the beginning of the seminars in March of 2018, MY VOICE has been able to impact over 50+ children. But, we don't want to stop there. By the end of the summer of 2018, MY VOICE plans to have impacted 100+ children with seminars planned not only across Illinois and neighboring states.



Million children are bullied every year





million of those bullied will have depression




thousand of those bullied will comtemplate suicide


Our Mission

My Voice is anti-bullying program designed to enable all youth with a concrete action plan to combat bullying in a productive manner. Through the program, youth not only learn the power that their voice has in spreading the movement of anti-bullying, but in stopping the epidemic all together. 

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Our Programs

My Voice is a program designed to explore the core of bullying. We do activities that analyze the types of people in the bullying spectrum and how no one is truly exempt from being any of the three. We also define the types of bullying,  the effects it has on victims' self-confidence, but also how to overcome it to have a postive outlook on yourself and reclaim your voice from bullies. 


THE bully

For the first activity, we focus on the main culprit: the bully. We ask the kids to raise both hands and ask a series of questions focused on traits of bulies and ask the kids to put down fingers if any of the questions apply to them. The purpose of this activity is not to make the kids feel bad for having traits of bulllies, but yet to show that no one is truly exempt from being one. 

The bystander

This is a role play activity and for it, you will need three volunteers. You will asign the roles of bully, victim and bystander. You can make up a situation in which the victim is bullied by the bully. Then, ask the bystander what they WANT to do. Then ask the bystander what they SHOULD do. Explain the difference, which is dependent on how the bystander responds and use this as a pathway to discuss how to handle bullying, such as comforting the victim or getting help from a supervior

the victim

This activity is similar to The Bully, as you will ask the children a series of questions  relating to traits of  the victim of bullying. You can either have the kids stand up or get in a line and walk forward if a question applies to them. If concerned about the children's privacy as they are answering the questions, have them close thier eyes as they are doing it.

The effect

This is the staple of the MY VOICE program. For this, you will need a giant heart. Ask the children to say things that would break their heart to heard. As they say them, shrink the heart by folding it. Then ask them to say things that would make their heart happy. As they say it, gradually unfold the heart. Ask them to describe the heart. Then explain the message as follows: Nice words can heal a damaged heart but it can never truly be the same again. Start saying nice things not when the heart is fully damaged, but when repair can still be done. We all have one voice. Use your voice to lessen the pain, not worsen it



                         Never be bullied into silence.                                        Never allow yourself to be made                                   a victim. Accept no one's definition                  of your life, but define yourself."

          Harvey S. firestone


Advice to All

In the MY VOICE program, we don't marginalized anyone on the bullying spectrum. We are here to allow all to receive help and use their voice for good instead of hate against another. So, whichever category you may fit into, here is some advice for all three members of the bullying spectrum. 


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Our Story

It started with a girl named Cynthia. She had been bullied for years about her looks. She lost her self-confidence and began defining herself based on her bullies' comments. But, through guidance and support, she was able to overcome her tormentors.   Now, not only is she the voice of this program but of all of Illinois.  This is her story. This is her voice. 

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